These prices are effective as of September 1, 2016, but are subject to change with out notice.

The goods and services shown below are those we can provide to our customers. You may choose only the items you desire. If legal or other requirements mean you must buy any item you did not specifically ask for, we will explain the reason in writing on the statement we provide describing the goods and services selected.

Traditional Burial Spaces in our Gardens

Garden of Devotion (Flat Bronze on Granite) $2,995.00
Heritage Garden (Upright Monuments) (Sold Out)
Garden of Honor (Flat Bronze on Granite) $3,295.00
Garden of Hope (Flat Bronze on Granite) (Sold Out)
Garden of Serenity (Flat Bronze on Granite) $3,295.00
Heritage Garden (Flat Bronze on Granite) $3,100.00
Garden of Peace (Flat Bronze on Granite) (Sold Out)

Heritage Mausoleum Crypts

Single Crypts

Level 5 $4,800.00
Level 4 $5,300.00
Level 3 $5,800.00
Level 2 $6,300.00
Level 1 $5,700.00

Companion Crypts

Mausoleum Cremation NichesGazebo Cremation NichesGarden Columbarium NichesScattering Garden OptionThis includes scattering of cremains in our scattering area and deceased name and birth date and death dates on our memorial wall behind the scattering garden.Personal Estate Columbaria and Custom Cremation Bench and Pedestals Monuments for Cremation Garden furnished upon families request.Infant Burial SpacesDouble Depth Lawn CryptsSingle Lawn CryptsService Fees for Grand Prairie Memorial Gardens & MausoleumOther Burial ContainersNote all committal services will be held in the mausoleum chapel. Members of the immediate family may witness the burial at the graveside. Services must be in the Cemetery prior to 3:30 P.M. on weekdays and 2:00 P.M. on Saturday services scheduled after cut off times overtime will apply. No Sunday Services.Overtime Fees for IntermentsDisinterments subject to court order and may require the patron to secure the services of a funeral director to transport the deceased from Grand Prairie Memorial Gardens.

Outside Marker install FeesNiche/Crypt Inscriptions

Grave Markers Bronze Matthews Lasting Memories MontageBronze Matthews Lasting Memories Design

Bronze Matthews IMPact DesignNew Horizons MemorialsEconomy Bronze Markers  

Bronze Misty MemorialsVeterans MemorialsInfant Bronze MemorialsEconomy Bronze Infants

Granite Bases for MemorialsGranite Memorial (Only in the Garden of Heritage Upright area.)Memorial Benches

Memorial TreesCameo PortraitsMemorial Urns

Note: Any Memorial that is purchased outside of Grand Prairie Memorial Gardens & Mausoleum must have a General Manager approval for placement and will be subject to an installation charge as outlined in the General Price List.

Level 5 $7,300.00
Level 4 $7,800.00
Level 3 $8,300.00
Level 2 $8,800.00
Level 1 $8,300.00
Level 8 $1,000.00
Level 7 $1,200.00
Level 6 $1,400.00
Level 5 $1,600.00
Level 4 $1,600.00
Level 3 $1,800.00
Level 2 $1,800.00
Level 1 $1,800.00
Level 2 $2,500.00
Level 1 $2,500.00
Level 6 $2,995.00
Level 5 $2,995.00
Level 4 $2,795.00
Level 3 $2,595.00
Level 2 $2,395.00
Level 1 $2,195.00
Scattering of Cremains $550.00
Non Grand Prairie Residents $1,295.00 (includes Space & Internment)
$ 5,300.00 (Not available in Phase I)
$4,000.00 (Not available in Phase I)
In-ground Interment $1295.00
Entombment $1695.00
Cremation Interment $750.00
Inurnment $650.00
Concrete Grave Liner $770.00
Urn Vault $125.00
Monday – Friday (After 3:30pm) $500.00
Saturday (Up to 2:00pm) $500.00
Saturday (After 2:00pm) $700.00
Disinterment Fee $2,200.00
Reinterments from another Cemetery $1295.00
Marker Install individual $550.00
Marker Install companion $750.00
Monument Foundation $150.00 per linear foot
Scrolls for outside memorials $375.00-$180.00
Crypt Inscriptions $500.00
Niche Inscriptions $350.00
Flat Temporary Grave Marker $25.00
Ledgers $23,815.00 to $5,412.50
Companion Memorials $8,768.25 to $4,903.73
Individual Memorials $5,196.00 to $2,976.88
Companion Memorials $7,794.00 to $4,005.25
Individual Memorials $3,897.00 to $2,370.46
Custom Line $7,469.25 to $2,706.25
Premium Line $6,278.50 to $2,381.50
Classic Line $5,737.25 to $2,165.00
Companion Memorials $5,087.75 to $2,922.75
Double Depth Memorials $2,489.75 to $2,165.00
Individual Memorials $2,109.10 to $1,726.29
Companion $3,193.38 to $2,543.88
Individual $2,064.18 to $1515.50
Companion Memorials $5,629.00 to $2,976.88
Double Interment Memorials $2,489.75 to $2,056.75
Single Memorials $3,009.35 to $1,786.13
Veterans Memorials $3,031.00 to $541.25
Note: Government Memorials are available only to qualified veterans.
Infant Bronze Memorials $2,346.86 to $725.28
Innocence Collection $2,684.60 to $1,461.38
Economy Bronze Infant $2,210.13 to $887.65
Granite Bases for Memorials $2,240.78 to $433.00
Granite Memorials $5,845.50 to $1,732.00
Note: See Monuments Specification for Grand Prairie Memorial Park.
Memorial Benches $5,380.03 to $2,045.93
Note: All benches must be approved by the General Manager before they are ordered.
Memorial Tree and Plaque $995.00
Memorial Tree Only $550.00
Memorialize Existing Tree $600.00
Cameo Portraits $740.43 to $270.63
Cremation Urns $2,100.00 to $130.00