Grand Prairie Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum offers a wide variety of services and options from which you may choose. From traditional burial in our gardens, to our mausoleum, which features above ground entombment and niche selections, you’ll feel comfortable knowing you’ve selected a place of distinction. Individual and family spaces are available in various settings offering alternative surroundings to satisfy your personal preferences. We encourage your desire to create an enduring memorial that is both personal and distinctive.

Grand Prairie Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum staff provides caring and professional guidance, fully and clearly explaining all of the details involved in planning a memorial. Their years’ of experience working with virtually every family preference and individual situation enables them to present you with a wide array of options. They’ll guide you through the selection process so you’ll feel certain you’ve made the decisions that are right for you and your family.


Traditional Burial
Choose from individual and family lots available throughout our 25 acres of meticulously maintained grounds set in a park-life setting with gardens, enduring monuments and dignity.

Mausoleum Entombment
Once exclusively for the wealthy and famous, mausoleum entombment is now well within reach for families looking for the simplicity and dignity of above ground burial. Mausoleums are open 365 days a year and families can visit regardless of the weather in a beautiful, clean and comfortable environment. Grand Prairie Memorial Gardens and Mausoleum offers a variety of crypt configurations including individual and companion.

Interesting fact: The first mausoleum, built and named for Mausolo, a beloved minor monarch who would otherwise have been forgotten, is now one of the original Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

The options for handling your cremated remains are many. You may decide to be embalmed and have a casket, viewing hours and full-service with cremation being performed after the funeral service. You may choose to have your remains scattered or placed in an urn of your choosing for burial in a traditional plot or placement in a mausoleum niche. If you choose to have your remains scattered, memorial plaques provide a tangible and lasting remembrance for family and friends.